1.5× More Tesla Model 3 Sales Than BMW 3/4 Series Sales In 2018 In USA (So Far)


Published on November 18th, 2018 |
by Zachary Shahan

November 18th, 2018 by Zachary Shahan 

Earlier today, I highlighted the Tesla Model 3’s solid sales launch compared to the iconic Ford Mustang, which the Model 3 is outselling by ~1.5× this year so far. But the Mustang has never been seen as the car the Model 3 is really trying to retire — or at least humble a bit. That car is, of course, the BMW 3 Series (+ 4 Series).

Interestingly, BMW 3/4 Series sales have been just a couple of thousand sales lower than Ford Mustang sales this year, which means that Tesla Model 3 sales have again been ~1.5× higher. In other words, the Model 3 is winning. Below are a handful of charts to visualize it all.

So, is this proof the Model 3 competes well against the BMW 3/4 Series? Well, we don’t really need more proof for that — just specs and independent reviews.

The Tesla Model 3 is much safer, according to NHTSA scores.

The Model 3 is quicker.

The Model 3 has better handling, torque, and one-pedal driving.

The Model 3 has more cargo space.

The Model 3 offers more headroom and legroom, and a tremendously nicer view through the glass roof.

The Model 3 is far, far, far more efficient and offers zero emissions.

The Model 3 has a better autonomous driving suite.

Wait a second — why is anyone buying a BMW 3/4 Series?

That is the question BMW probably doesn’t want to ask.

As noted in the Ford Mustang article, there’s a question about how much steady-state consumer demand there will be for the Model 3, but there’s a lot of reason to be optimistic about the car’s demand going forward. The more affordable Model 3 Mid Range is just getting out there and the much more affordable Model 3 Standard Range will be on the market sometime next year, roping in many more buyers.

Also, while hundreds of thousands of reservation holders were happy to learn about the Model 3 ahead of time and get in line for one, normal Americans don’t read CleanTechnica every day and know very little about Tesla. As they experience the Model 3 more via friends, family members, coworkers, and simply walking into a store in a mall and checking one out, they will learn why exactly the Model 3 is so popular.

With previous Tesla models, annual demand has stabilized at a higher rate than initial reservations. The Model 3 is a different game, so we’ll have to wait to see if that holds true for Tesla’s mass-market model, but there’s a strong hint from Tesla and CEO Elon Musk that they are bullish that global demand will steadily be 500,000 to one million cars per year.

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