11 most difficult IT jobs for employers to fill


As 2019 unfolds, CIOs continue to shoulder greater responsibility for digital transformation initiatives and strategic business tasks, including those related to data science and analytics and security and risk management. With that greater responsibility, though, comes operational challenges — not the least of which is recruiting and hiring talent with the skills necessary to advance those strategic initiatives.

In the 2019 State of the CIO survey, 40 percent of respondents say increasing operational efficiency and bolstering cybersecurity will be the most significant initiatives driving IT investment this year. Improving customer experience and growing the business are close behind, with 35 percent and 31 percent of respondents citing those areas respectively, according to the survey.

These initiatives, among others, are dictating a clear shift in talent needs. And with so many organizations undergoing digital business transformations, the competition for talent keeps growing stiffer. Following are the 11 hardest roles for IT to fill — and insights from CIOs on why these roles are in such strong demand and what their experience has been in hiring for them.

11 most difficult IT roles to fill

Success in most every initiative these days requires a heavy focus on data analytics and cybersecurity talent, which is borne out by the research; recruiting and hiring data science and analytics professionals is far and away CIOs top concern when it comes to talent, with 42 percent of respondents saying data science and analytics roles will be the most difficult to fill. Security and risk management roles are second-hardest to fill, with a third of respondents struggling to find talent in that area. The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the ongoing need for cloud skills, ranging from integration to architecture to multi-cloud management, are also having an impact, with operational transformation and digital design and development roles rounding out the top 11:

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