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Diversity is a hot topic in the tech industry — and because it’s discussed frequently, it might be easy to feel like things have already changed. But according to a recent Women in Technology report from IDC, only 42 percent of women feel their employer offered equal pay, compared to 75 percent of men who feel the same.

Additionally, 56 percent of women feel that women are underrepresented in STEM fields in their organization compared to 26 percent of men. Women also feel that their workplace is more geared towards men (45%), that there is a lack of support for women in STEM (33%) and that taking time off for family will impact their career opportunities (35%).

Whether you already have a strong network of women colleagues in your industry or if you’re looking to expand your community, there are a number of conferences designed for women in STEM fields. And most of these aren’t just for women — they’re open to allies and anyone who supports diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Here are 17 tech conferences that aim to connect women and other underrepresented groups in technology to build a more diverse community in the tech industry.

Wonder Women Tech

Wonder Women Tech is a national convention that takes place in Long Beach, California, in partnership with the City of Long Beach and the Mayor. The conference addresses topics such as women’s rights, politics, equal pay, diversity and fostering inclusive and tolerant work environments.

Date: November 7-8

Location: Long Beach, CA

Ticket price: $249

Tech Up for Women

Tech Up for Women is a one-day conference that focuses on the advancement of women in technology — topics include cybersecurity, block chain, AI, VR, digital transformation, big data, security, entrepreneurship, startups and healthcare technology. The event encourages women to network and for women to “improve their digital literacy and successfully compete and disrupt gender imbalance in work environments,” according to the event website.

Date: November 19

Location: NYC

Ticket price: $350

She Summit

She Summit is a two-day networking and personal development event with over 30 speakers. While not specifically a tech event, technology is one of the topics covered at the event. The focus is on bringing together executives, entrepreneurs and other leaders in the industry to discuss leadership and diversity across industries.

Date: November 21-22

Location: NYC

Ticket price: $197 for a virtual ticket, $1,479 for an individual ticket and $1,797 for a VIP ticket

Women in Cloud Annual Summit

The Women in Cloud Annual Summit is held in Redmond, Washington, at the Microsoft Conference Center. It’s an event focused on women’s contributions to cloud computing, empowering women in tech and encouraging inclusion in the industry. You don’t have to be a woman to attend; “all genders and allies of women in tech entrepreneurs and community are welcome to participate in the Summit,” according to the event website.

Date: January 25

Location: Redmond, WA

Ticket price: $249-$450

Lesbians who Tech Summit

Started in 2014, the Lesbians who Tech Summit cites itself as the “largest LGBTQ professional event in the world,” according to the website — and allies are welcome. The event was designed to bring more exposure to the LGBTQ community in tech including “LGBTQ women, trans and gender nonconforming individuals, LBGTQ people of color, and demographics that are underrepresented in the tech sector and LGBTQ spaces.”

Date: February 28 – March 2

Location: San Francisco, CA

Ticket price: $349

The Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference

Established by Stanford University, The Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference brings together data scientists of all genders worldwide to support women working in the data science field. The main conference and event take place on the Stanford University campus, with over 150 partner events held worldwide at other locations.

Date: March 2

Location: Stanford, CA

Ticket price: $350

Johnson Women in Technology (JWiT) Conference

The Johnson Women in Technology (JWiT) Conference is “committed to taking action and driving the national dialogue around advancing opportunities in technology for women,” according to the event website. The conference helps bring together women MBAs, industry leaders and advocates to engage, connect and inspire and to foster a community of “leaders and allies” who will help drive women forward in the tech industry.

Date: March 6

Location: NYC

Ticket price: $30-$70


WeCode is an annual tech conference hosted by Harvard University, which “seeks to promote community and scholarship for undergraduate women in technology worldwide,” according to the website. It’s an event that aims to bridge gender gaps in STEM, develop “concrete initiatives” to support women in tech and equip women engineers with competitive skills and a network of professionals to turn to.

Date: March 6-8

Location: Cambridge, MA

Ticket price: $40

Women in Cybersecurity

The Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) conference was established in 2012 by Dr. Ambareen Siraj of Tennessee Tech University through a National Science Foundation grant. WiCyS is a nonprofit organization that offers memberships, scholarships and networking opportunities to women working in security. The conference takes place over two days and gives WiCyS members and non-members a chance to network with other women in the industry and get updates on the latest cybersecurity trends. 

Date: March 12-14

Location: Aurora, CO

Ticket price: $450 for members of WiCyS, $700 for non-members; discounts for students, faculty, government workers and non-profit employees

Global Women in Tech Awards

The Women in IT Awards & Summit is a one-day event covering topics such as blockchain, AI and machine learning — there is also an awards gala at the end of the conference. Award categories include CIO of the Year; Advocate of the Year; Entrepreneur of the Year; Future CIO of the Year; Business Role Model of the Year; CTO of the Year; Rising Star; and Diversity Initiative of the Year.

Date: March 25

Location: NYC

Ticket price: $249 for the summit, $500 for the awards gala or $649 for both

Simmons Leadership Conference

The Simmons Leadership Conference has taken place annually for more than 40 years as a professional development and networking conference for women. It’s hosted by Simmons College and features high-profile speakers — Serena Williams is scheduled to speak at the latest upcoming event. Past speakers include Michelle Obama, Madeline Albright, Anita Hill, Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters.

Date: April 16

Location: Boston, MA

Ticket price: $749

Women in Tech Festival

The Women in Tech Festival is an event to celebrate women in STEM, business and leadership positions for women and anyone who supports the advancement of women and diversity. It’s a two-day event with speakers, startup pitches, group discussions, educational workshops and career mentorship sessions.

Date: May 1-2

Location: Mountain View, CA

Ticket price: $100 for a one-day pass or $199 for an extended two-day pass

Women of Silicon Valley

The Women of Silicon Valley conference is a two-day event that brings together more than 2,700 tech industry professionals from major corporations and startups across the country. The event is packed with activities, and you can choose from a silver, gold, platinum or diamond pass — each level gives additional perks, such as access to the speaker lounge, free lunch, reserved front row seats, express check-in, access to the speaker’s corner where you can meet main stage presenters, VIP drinks reception and access to advanced training opportunities.

Date: May 4-5

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Ticket price: $495 – $1,500 (depending on what level of access you choose)

The Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference

The Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference is a two-day event that features keynote speakers, panel discussions and breakout sessions with leaders in technology. Attendees are given the chance to develop business skills, find mentors and role models in the industry and gain valuable insights on how to navigate your career.

Date: June 17-18

Location: San Francisco, CA

Ticket price: $250

Women in Technology Summit

The Women in Technology Summit is a three-day event with over 1,500 women and men from around the world who gather to network, develop relationships, collaborate with peers and discover the latest trends in technical and leadership skills. The event includes a Women in Technology Hall of Fame dinner, a career fair, a startup village and a business and technology expo.

Date: June 22-24

Location: San Francisco, CA

Ticket price: $35 for the Business and Technology Expo and $795 for the full conference registration.

Grace Hopper Celebration

The Grace Hopper Celebration was co-founded by Dr. Anita Borg and Dr. Telle Whitney in 1994 and is now the world’s “largest gathering of women technologists,” according to the event website. The conference is named after Admirable Grace Murray Hopper, who is considered the one of the first computer programmers — her work is directly responsible for the development of COBOL.  

Date: TBD 2020

Location: Orlando, FL

Ticket price: $450 for students and $1,150 for the general public

Women in Tech Summit

The Women in Tech Summit is a series of coding conferences that take place across the nation with conferences held in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and West. These conferences help connect women regionally — everyone from executives to students — who are working on both the business and technical sides of the industry students.

Date: Varies by location

Location: Varies by event

Ticket price: $149 or $49 for students

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