4 data analytics trends that will dominate 2019

Data analytics is a domain in constant motion. With organizations continuing to invest heavily in analytics to support digital transformations, keeping on top of the latest trends is essential to ensuring your organization is adopting the analytics strategies and tactics required for success in the months and years ahead.

In February of this year, research firm Market Research Future forecast the global data analytics market will achieve a CAGR of 30.8 percent through 2023, reaching a market value of $77.64 billion by the end of the period. At the heart of this increasing investment in data analytics is a drive to become a digital enterprise, says David Schatsky, managing director of the lead trend-sensing program within Deloitte’s central innovation team.

“A digital enterprise is one that’s continually evolving and always seeking to apply and maximize the value of digital technologies to reinvent itself, to reinvent what it offers to the marketplace, how it delivers those things to the marketplace, and how it operates as a business. A digital enterprise is something we view as in constant evolution enabled by effective use of digital technologies and data,” Schatsky says.

For organizations seeking to transform their business through data, the following four analytics trends are worth watching in the months ahead. 

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