Achieve your health and fitness goals with this $69 DNA testing kit

DNA ancestry kits are all the rage these days, thanks to their ability to shed light on our past, present, and future.

This Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit & Health Plan Voucher, however, takes this illuminating technology to the next level by allowing you to fine-tune your health goals based on your unique genetic makeup, and it’s available for over 30% off at just $69.

This simple kit will help you discover your ancestry and reach your health and fitness goals through customized diet and exercise plans based on your DNA.

With a simple cheek swab, Vitagene can provide you with actionable health plans based on your genetics, and you’ll be able to more clearly understand which supplements and foods are best for you.

You’ll even be able to learn about the types of workouts that are best-suited for your DNA.

Fine-tune your health and workout routine with a Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit & Health Plan Voucher for just $69—over 30% off for a limited time. And when you enter the coupon code BFSAVE15 at checkout you’ll knock an additional 15% off the price (valid 11/11-11/18).

Prices are subject to change.

Don’t wait for Black Friday — you can get these top-sellers at deep discounts today!

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