Black Friday Weekend exclusive: Spectacles are on sale for their lowest price yet (up to 33% off)

Sometimes, the best photos and videos are candid — the more posed a photo is, the more artificial it can be. Whipping out your smartphone to capture the moment might not always be the best or easiest option, which is why Snap Inc., the company behind Snapchat, developed Spectacles, a new take on wearables that combines function and aesthetic. They’re like a smartphone camera, designer sunglasses, and a GoPro — all wrapped up in one. For all this functionality, you cannot beat the discount they’re offering for just Black Friday weekend with up to 33% in savings.

Snap’s newly-released Nico and Veronica feature sleek, stylish designs, but they aren’t all about the looks. They’re designed to shield your eyes with polarized lenses, and take HD photos and videos without requiring a smartphone. They’re essentially a camera with an 105-degree field of view, so you can capture the world around you from a first person perspective.

Spectacles are also water-resistant, so you can take them with you almost anywhere without worrying about damage. They’ll be totally fine at a pool party, at the beach, out camping, and even submerged in shallow water to take photos or videos. Tap a button to take 10-seconds of video, and press it up to two additional times to take 30-seconds of video (perfect for uploading to social). Or just press and hold the button once, and take a beautiful, high-quality photo. You can use the onboard memory to keep your memories stored on the sunnies themselves until you’re ready to upload your content. What’s more, content captured on Specs can be easily saved to your phone’s Camera Roll for sharing with anyone, anywhere.

Spectacles usually range between $150-200 per pair, but for the first time ever, you can grab a pair for $100-$140 — and for a beautiful pair of sunglasses that double up as an HD camera, that’s a total steal.

Check out the entire collection here before they sell out.

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