BrandPost: For Dollar Shave Club, Building the Right Data Stack Is Key to Optimizing the Customer Experience

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is a leading provider of personal grooming products delivered by mail to its members via a variety of flexible plans. The company has grown rapidly in just a few years and is often lauded for its superior member relationships. As an organization committed to excellence, DSC needs to continually enhance its operations to become more agile and flexible, while increasing its responsiveness to customers.

DSC’s mission statement encapsulates how the brand defines the consumer experience: “To help guys take care of their minds and bodies so they can be their best selves.”

The organization recently undertook a major strategic shift, offering greater flexibility and various promotional options to its members.

The customer experience at DSC isn’t limited to how members and prospects engage with the e-commerce platform. It extends to member services and how members are made to feel part of an exclusive club. It’s also defined by the DSC web experience, the “ClubPro” experience, and by original content delivered in the company’s MEL Magazine and via mailings included in each shipment.

To support this goal, DSC has created a technology stack that provides a 360-degree perspective of the consumer experience. From the time someone lands on the DSC site, how they interact with the site, what the purchase experience looks like, and how DSC continues to serve them are measured and tracked through the platform.  The technology stack must be agile and nimble to support member needs and the evolution of the DSC business model.

Building the stack has been an ambitious undertaking. As DSC Vice President of Information Systems Amber Hameed recently observed, “DSC has built a strong data architecture to track and capture the details of every consumer interaction. The tech stack is state-of-the-art and consists of multiple applications supporting an event-driven architecture that helps personalize the user experience. This also provides the ability to try new things and immediately measure the results.” 

Building a comprehensive data structure supported the deployment of Adobe Audience Manager in just six weeks. Adobe Audience Manager enables DSC to optimize offers and identify valuable audience segments. With better segmentation, media optimization is simpler and more effective. And the ability to personalize in real time is attractive to both to members and the company. DSC has also invested in Adobe Analytics and Media Optimizer technologies to capture and analyze the customer experience.  

DSC’s commitment to building a next-generation platform for optimizing the customer experience with a 360-degree perspective delivers real competitive advantage. Key Adobe products are enabled by DSC’s comprehensive data stack. The organization is well on its way to helping “guys take care of their minds and bodies so they can be their best selves.”

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