Buy a Fairywill rechargeable electric toothbrush for just $20 today


Electric toothbrushes may do a better job of keeping your teeth clean compared their old-fashioned counterparts, but they also tend to be pricey. Today, though, the price of Fairywill’s rechargeable electric toothbrush dropped to $19.99 (down from $33), which is the lowest price we’ve seen for this model. That’s a great price for its feature set and much cheaper than what you’ll pay for similar models from Sonicare or Oral-B. 

The low price makes this electric toothbrush perfect for first-time users or for travelers who don’t want to risk their pricier options while on the road. It comes with six replaceable brush heads, so you can use it without worrying about having to restock for a while, and the Clean, Sensitive, and Massage modes let you customize the cleaning level for each use.

This toothbrush also features a quadpacer—a two-minute timer with 30-second intervals—that reminds you to give your teeth the thorough cleaning they deserve. We rarely see features like this in so expensive a unit.

Unfortunately, there’s a potentially minor drawback: While this model does come with a USB charging stand, it doesn’t come with the actual adapter and cable, which means you’re expected to use your phone or laptop’s charging adapter if you want to plug it into a wall.

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