BYD Electrifies Xi’an, China With More Than 3,000 Electric Transit Buses


January 31st, 2019 by Kyle Field 

The city of Xi’an, China has been aggressively pushing into zero emission electrified transit over the last 2 years and with its recent purchase of 200 electric BYD double-decker buses, now boasts more than 3,000 electric buses in its fleet. All told, Xi’an now boasts the largest fleet of fully electric buses in northwest China.

The addition of the new double decker buses in Xi’an this week also represents the largest fleet of electrified double-decker buses in the world that will give tourists and local residents alike a new view of the ancient city.

Image courtesy: BYD

The new fleet of 200 BYD K8S double-decker buses still isn’t large enough to haul around the army of famous terra cotta warriors that still call the city their home, but it will help to assuage the impact of the armies of tourists that flock to the city from all around the world on a daily basis. These modern buses feature single-step low floors on the first floor and expansive views from the upper deck to offer both an increased capacity per bus and a a beautiful way to take in the city.

The city has been a hub for Chinese culture for thousands of years as the eastern end of the famed Silk Road and continues to be a hub for the country today as part of the country’s ‘Belt & Road Initiative’. The Belt & Road Initiative aims to establish the very same transportation backbone for commerce that the Silk Road was so many years ago. The new initiative takes the idea around the world, with plans stretching beyond China’s borders out into Asia, to Europe and Africa.

Image courtesy: BYD

The new fleet of buses in Xi’an will be put into service on six arterial lines over the next few weeks as transit officials manage the transition amidst the chaos of the Chinese Spring Festival. The new double-decker buses are just the latest step in a much larger push to deploy low-carbon mobility in the city after deploying more than 3,000 BYD electric buses over the last 2 years.

BYD has put its fully electric double-decker buses into service in locations around the world, including in London, where they have been serving the city where double-decker buses are an iconic sight since 2015. 


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