Can 5G replace high-speed Wi-Fi in the enterprise?

There’s a lot of interest in 5G by enterprises that see is as a way to provide higher bandwidth, lower latency connectivity including IoT applications.

In this video, analyst Jack Gold discusses 5G and these uses in more detail, as well as the flap between the U.S. and Huawei over banning the Chinese company’s technology from 5G networks here.

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“If the ban stays in place – and that’s a big if, we’ll see what happens – what it means is that the traditional competitors like Nokia and Ericsson will have a leg up,” Gold says.

“From an enterprise perspective the question becomes – and carriers have been posing this – ‘If I give you 5G, and I can put it in your building, why do I need things like Wi-Fi or high-speed Wi-Fi?” he says.

For the full TECH(talk) interview with host Juliet Beauchamp, click below.

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