Digital Health update following yesterday’s outage

Digital Health would
like to apologise to readers and customers after our site had to be taken down
for much of yesterday.

The issue was due to zero-day vulnerability (a cyber attack
that occurs on the same day a weakness is discovered in software) in
a very popular Word Press plugin which meant the site had to be taken down.

The plugin (Yuzu, which enables related posts to be displayed) has now been removed and the site is back up and running but we are continuing to monitor the situation.

We would also like to reassure readers that none of our
subscriber’s data was compromised during the incident.

Jon Hoeksma, CEO of Digital Health, said: “We apologise to
readers for the severe disruption to the Digital Health News and Digital Health
Intelligence websites on 10 April. 

“We suffered a brute force hack that exploited a zero-day
vulnerability and led to malicious code being inserted that redirected

“As a result we had to take the site down for much of
the day.  No user data was compromised at any point.

“Fixing the vulnerability, removing the malicious code
and recovery to a clean back-up proved difficult and took longer than it should
have.  We are, as you would expect, now urgently reviewing all security

He added: “Many thanks to all the readers and clients who
made offers of help yesterday”. 

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