Diverse Bicycling With Electric Bicycles: Love For Blix, Jetson, & GenZe



Published on February 24th, 2019 | by Cynthia Shahan

February 24th, 2019 by Cynthia Shahan 

I’ve had the fortune to review 3 (at this point in time) high-quality, easy-to-maneuver electric bicycles. I like all three. They are quite different, like the various electric cars are quite different — although, similar compared to tractor-like gas/diesel vehicles.

Electric bicycles come in diverse styles and with diverse operational aspects. The bicycle I’ve been using the most lately is the electric Jetson Journey. It has the most torque of these 3. It is the one I am most familiar with and accustomed to. Although I love the Jetson Electric Bicycle, I did not at first after the comfort of the Blix Aveny, which was quite easy to learn and is a wonderful electric bicycle with a basket and all.

The instant torque and ease of the Jetson electric bicycle offered a feeling of winged flight on quiet streets with no traffic. That speed, though, creates an issue similar to what a driver has. The issue: One becomes adept in traffic that is normal or quiet but then needs to have perfect attention, skills, and caution in difficult, smelly, noisy traffic that is dense and mixes cars, pedestrians, scooters, and electric bicycles. I found, as I got too comfortable, that I was making choices that were essentially taking chances with dull drivers who are largely blind to anything but cars. Pedestrians and bicyclists are somewhat of an alien concept to many in Florida.

I switched electric bicycles and started using the GenZe, also sent over by the company for an in-depth review. Since this was an e-bicycle I was unfamiliar with, it would put caution into my wings again. Initially, I was more interested in the GenZe, as it seemed to have so many more bells and whistles than the Jetson. It also has a battery you can unlock and take with you to charge, so a long trip can be made complete with electric assist if you take the time to charge when you are low (say, in a coffee shop or via an outdoor plug at the park).

Well, this is indeed helping quite a bit in terms of caution because even though the GenZe and the Jetson electric bicycles both have 5 speeds of electric assist, the initial torque is quite different. I think the designers do have caution in mind with the GenZe. One does not zip out swiftly and has more time to look at the avenue. That said, the powerful instant torque on the Jetson is a measure to have to move quickly out of a dangerous situation. One thing is for sure, though: my muscles and heart are pumping on the GenZe, which was a primary reason I wanted to start bicycling again.

I had my longest e-bicycle ride on a typical Florida day this week. I wanted to conserve battery — in case I was hot and dizzy (from the Florida sun) on the way home and needed to refrain from pumping the wheels too intensely, and I went over a bridge out to the beach.

My grandaughters had fun noticing part of the ride. They were in their swift, cool, electric car. As I would pass them by, traffic would move, they would pass me by, traffic would stop, I would pass them by, traffic would move, they would pass me by, traffic would stop. Oui, oui, we got downtown on our return from the beach at the same time. Slowed by heat and traffic, old grandma may be like Miss Marple, but a bit more athletic thanks in part to bicycles.

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