Dr Foster to create integrated care system for Lambeth GP Federations

Data and insights provider Dr Foster is to develop a fully integrated care system for Lambeth GP Federations.

The company will work with the 41 GP practices which are part of the London federations to create bespoke data dashboards, linking the organisations and enabling them to measure and compare outcomes.

It’s hoped sharing this data between GP surgeries will drive improvements in care.

Dr Foster will use nationally available health data to monitor outcomes and work with the federations to determine which outcomes they want to measure. That data will then be used to create the bespoke outcomes dashboards.

A risk stratification tool will also be developed to help each GP surgery find people with the highest risk of hospital admission.

Therese Fletcher, managing director of Lambeth GP Federations, said: “Our main priorities are to provide high quality and compassionate patient care at scale while ensuring the sustainability of primary care.

“We decided to work with Dr Foster because of its health sector experience and its work with NHS organisations. It was important for us to work with an organisation that understands the current landscape of primary care and the wider health system.

“The Federations are looking forward to working with Dr Foster as it will help us use data in a meaningful way to its full potential and by doing so ensuring that our patients are receiving the most appropriate healthcare interventions.”

A financial dashboard to demonstrate the burden of care to the community sector with the aim of securing further resources and funding will also be developed.

A similar tool created by Dr Foster is already in use by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in the north of England.

Jason Harries, managing director of Dr Foster, added: “We are leading the way with this alliance which will bring significant changes in primacy care service provision. Such alliances are becoming progressively more important as they will be at the forefront of directing resources to communities with the greatest health needs.”

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