Easy Drinking: Cup Lids Designed For No Straw, No Waste, No Spill


February 8th, 2019 by Erika Clugston 

It sounds simple: a compostable lid you can easily drink out of without a straw. Why all the excitement?

Eco-Products Cold Cup Sip Lids

The simplicity is exactly what makes it so great. The “Cold Cup Sip Lids” created by Eco-Products are made out of a plant-based plastic — entirely sustainable and compostable — and they are specifically designed for easy drinkability. That’s no straw, no waste, no spillage.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard by now that plastic is killing the planet. Eco-Products is using a plant-based plastic: Ingeo from NatureWorks. Their PLA or “corn plastic” is made from polylactic acid from starch-based plants such as corn, potatoes, or soy. In other words, it’s made from 100% renewable resources, BPI certified and compliant with ASTM International standards for compostability.

Eco-Products tried its no-spill lids out on rowdy hockey fans first. Did it pass the fans’ test? Absolutely. “We tried out the lids first with Canadian hockey fans. They loved not spilling their beers, so we knew we had a winner,” said Sarah Martinez, Director of Marketing for Eco-Products. The company is already selling its product to arenas in both the US and Canada.

From bowls and cups to lids and containers, the company makes a wide range of products — all made from either renewable resources or with recycled materials. There are many other companies and startups working in similar veins to combat single-use plastic, whether by creating water refill stations or developing bio-based plastic from algae. We still have a long way to go before our oceans will be out of harm’s way, but in the meantime let’s make good choices as consumers. 


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