Enel X Juice e-mobility Platform Seamlessly Connects Home, Work, And Public Charging Solutions


Published on December 16th, 2018 |
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December 16th, 2018 by Sponsored Content 

By Kyle Field

Enel has crafted its Enel X* business into one of the preeminent flexibility providers in the world with intelligent charging solutions adding further optionality to the role more traditional distributed energy resources play in providing additional services such as demand response, frequency regulation, peak shaving, local balancing thanks to digital aggregation platforms.

Enel is kicking things up a notch at Enel X with the creation of a new suite of Intelligent Charging Solutions that it has bundled into the new Enel X JuiceNet e-mobility platform for 2019. The name is an extension of Enel’s popular Juice EV charger brand and builds on the best-of-breed intelligence that it put into the hands of EV drivers around the world.

The new suite of solutions bundles together its vast expertise in EV charging into the new Enel X JuiceNet e-mobility Platform that extends its mastery of EV charging intelligence beyond just residential charging and out horizontally to fleet managers, workplace charging, and on-the-go charging solutions. The new suite of end-to-end solutions came about naturally, as Enel X looked at the current trajectory of electric vehicles.

“Electric mobility is today, not the future” Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X said “and the progressive electrification of transport will mean more flexibility available for the system, which is a must in the current scenario where renewables are taking over traditional sources of generation”

Providing a full suite of end-to-end solutions that have been stitched together into the single, open network that feeds into Enel’s JuiceNet allows drivers and fleet managers to see all of their charging sessions and all of their vehicles through a single touchpoint.

As promised by the internet of things, digitized EV charging network has finally arrived. At the same time, JuiceNet is hard at work behind the scenes to play on the energy markets in realtime to decarbonize their charging, reduce the cost of charging or the speed of charging, as specified by the customer or by system conditions.

Residential and Corporate Charging

Underpinning the Juice suite is the tried and true Enel X JuiceBox for residential customers, which has also been spruced up a bit for corporate customers as the Enel X JuiceBoxC. The pair of JuiceBoxes can provide AC charging at speeds of up to 22 kilowatts (kW) from a compact, proven unit that we loved in our review of it last year.

Since being developed by Enel, the JuiceBox has been given a complete overhaul, resulting in a completely new look that’s 70 percent smaller than the previous Enel X Wallbox. As with most EVSEs, what you see may look like just a box and a cord, but once it has been connected to the Enel X Mobility Platform with a SIM card, its power is unleashed via the smartphone app for the residential solution.

As an additional solution, Enel X intelligently identified a niche for chargers that will be used by businesses in company parking areas. These are the workplace chargers, overnight fleet car parking lots, and similar locations where drivers regularly park their vehicles for multiple hours at a time to charge. Enel X built the JuiceStation to allow a host to install a single JuiceStation as a hub to which up to 8 JuiceBoxes can be connected. It then manages the charging of all connected vehicles sequentially, allowing fleet managers to leverage the intelligence of the charging solution to get more vehicles charged in a fixed period of time.

To control an army of JuiceStations, Enel X has created one ring to rule them all with its Enel X Recharge Manager portal. From the tool, fleet managers can look at the Juice stations in their private or public charging networks to look at their utilization over time.

Level 2 Public Charging Stations

Public charging requires its own set of unique requirements to maximize the benefit while minimizing the footprint. These stations have unique usage profiles, with visibility, durability and the user experience as some of the key features for customers. Enel teased out these use cases and built a product on top of its Enel X Juice e-mobility Platform that delivers not only what customers are asking for, but also what will bring them the most value over the life of the systems.

To this end, Enel X has developed the JuicePole, which was purpose-built to provide charging in urban areas. It is easy to imagine JuicePoles being installed on sidewalks in any major city in the world, providing residents with streetside EV charging. They feature large 10-inch screens that improves visibility of the stations for customers looking for a charger and can also be branded for a company or to further improve visibility of the station. Each JuicePole can charge two vehicles at a time, maximizing the charging capable from a single piece of infrastructure.

To the customer, the experience of using these stations will be transparent. The Enel X Recharge App provides a seamless experience, regardless of the location of the station. It is their single point of contact for their account and their connection to the various charging stations they use throughout their lives.

The single app is also the front end for the Enel X intelligent e-mobility services enabled by the Enel X JuiceNet platform. That’s the real power of the solutions and the single area where the electric vehicle charging industry is set to evolve the most in the coming years

Enel X has also customized a solution for urban environments with the prototype JuiceLamp charging station that taps into existing electrical infrastructure via a new streetlight fixture with an integrated vehicle charger. This allows cities and businesses to more cost effectively add EV charging capabilities and the additional revenue streams they bring to the table to their cities without the need to run new wiring.

Next Generation Fast Charging, Today

Electric cars have been a technology for the future for many years, but this year, in 2018, automakers, regulators and the public have tipped the scales. The paradigm has shifted and the future is finally here: in a world where our vehicles are all electric, we need the ability to charge up quickly for those times when we are on the go, on longer trips or just forget to charge overnight.

Enel X has been offering JuicePump 50kW DC since 2015 and while it may look like the gas pump of the past, it is packed with the latest in EV charging tech to deliver an 80% charge in just 20 minutes. Enel X has slated the upgraded JuicePump (up to 350kW) for release in 2019 and it’s not hard to imagine them popping up around town as automotive manufacturers, governments and new businesses look to support the transition to electric vehicles.

All told, Enel X’s new Intelligent EV Charging portfolio provides a wide array of well organized, foundational systems that have been injected with the intelligence consumers have come to expect from internet connected devices.

The new charging solutions will provide a seamless charging experience to customers who will be able to utilize the impressive digitalization to decarbonize the footprint of their driving, not by driving less, but by charging smarter.

Learn more about Enel’s new Intelligent EV Charging Portfolio over at their website.

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