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Published on August 30th, 2018 |
by Cynthia Shahan

August 30th, 2018 by Cynthia Shahan 

Testing ProPILOT in the 2018 Nissan Leaf was a fun electrified first for me. This week, I enjoyed another first — my first experience on an electric bicycle. It was time to be on a bicycle again, and we were offered an electric Blix Aveny to review.

There is no mode of transit more efficient than a bicycle. An EV is far better than a gasoline car, but a bicycle is a lighter footprint still.

The style of the Blix Aveny step-through, ladies bicycle was comfortable and cute. I gave the Blix a spin and wanted more. I all of a sudden remembered the liberation of having the trees and grass in plain view — not seemingly more distant through the window.

At first, I simply enjoyed the slight extra lift of bicycling with the support of the battery. It was the end of a long day. I was tired. With the boost, I decided to go further, and further, and further. Then I realized that the bicycle not only jumped to it more easily with that wonderful battery pack, but I could simply sit back and cruise without any pedaling assist. A control on the handlebar let me go significantly faster if I wished while my feet rested on the pedals — almost like a scooter.

I seriously considered shedding the Nissan Leaf for an electric bicycle. Unfortunately, the city is not bicycle friendly and safe. It’s not safe enough or bicyclist friendly enough by a long shot. But, yes, I do want an electric bicycle now for the bike trails off the beaten path or streets not filled with traffic. This lift /assist from the battery makes it possible to bicycle more, and makes bicycling that much more enjoyable through the greater variety of propulsion options.

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Blix had me thinking of Western and Northern Europe. They do it best. It also had me thinking of my childhood. I fell in love with my bike at the age of 5. Many children do. I would jump on it and go anywhere I wanted.

The fun electric bike had me thinking, “It’s time to bicycle again! It’s time to watch some short bicycle films.” Cycling for Everyone, for example, is a light, moving record of health and happiness. Amsterdam shines as a place where sharing the road is safe. “Cycling is part of everyone’s life, because it was made part of everyone’s life.”

[embedded content]

Cycling For Everyone – Outtakes from Amsterdamize on Vimeo.

There are various versions of the Blix electric bicycles, and some other great reviews. I enjoyed Jennifer’s short blog in particular.

Electric bikes, in general, are wonderful. Consider that we are not all athletes. We may be recovering from surgery or simply getting fit. An electric bicycle allows us to get out and ride in spite of our limitations. It’s good to be outside.

I called out Zach (CleanTechnica’s director, and also my son) and his wife Marika (pictured below). The Blix test ride became a family event. We all loved the chance to fly away unfettered with the wind. We all felt perfectly comfortable on the bike and had a great deal of fun zipping along at a fast clip on such a cool and stylish bike.

I’m told the battery on this bicycle isn’t centered as well as on other electric bicycles (more expensive electric bicycles). The battery tilts back behind the seat. In some top electric bikes, the battery sits in the center, more towards the front. There are nearly endless variations of electric bicycles. All of that said, despite the critique from a bicycle expert, we did not have a problem with balance at all. We were thoroughly comfortable and felt safe. The bike was lovely.

However, I am most interested in this Blix e-bike:

Here’s more about that bike: “Vika Travel Electric Compact Folding Bike — $1,499 Explore the world with the most compact folding electric bike available. At only 39lbs, the Vika Travel is small enough to take anywhere, yet strong enough to take you everywhere. Say hello to your new little best friend.” That is a great price. I’d like to compare it to the lighter Hummingbird foldable bike.

The price of the Blix is a great place to start. The Blix Aveny we rode felt safe to us and was lovely in just about every way.

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