Get a lifetime of Babbel language learning for $149 (50% off)


Historically, to learn a new language, you’d have had to enroll in a class. And you could expect varied results. That’s because the lessons could be tedious and the instructor’s teaching skills suspect, forcing you to adapt your learning style to suit. But those days are over. Now you can learn a new language — on your own terms — with the Babbel language learning app.

Babbel brings language learning into the 21st century. It’s an app, compatible with iOS and Android smartphones as well as Mac and Windows computers, that breaks down the teaching process into short lessons. Just select the language you want to learn and go through each 10 to 15 minute session when you have the time to spare. You can choose between 14 different languages and learn as many of these as you want over the course of your subscription. 

Students who use Babbel become conversational faster than they could with other apps. That’s because Babbel doesn’t waste time teaching you phrases you’re unlikely to use. And they’ve received high marks for this strategy. Put simply, if you want to learn a new language quickly, this may be your most effective route.

And now is the perfect time to buy in. That’s because you can save 50 percent off the cost of their lifetime subscription package and pay just $149. Or, if you prefer a shorter term, you may also choose between their one year subscription for just $69 and their two year package for only $99.


Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription – $149

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