Get an 8-pack of Duracell's premium Optimum AA batteries for just $7

Batteries are one of those things that you always need, but they never seem to go on sale. Today, though, you can grab an eight-pack of Duracell AA Optimum batteries from Amazon for $6.98, down from a list price of $10.29 and the cheapest we’ve ever seen them.

Optimum is Duracell’s most premium line, with can plating to keep up the internal quality and leakage protections to keep up the integrity of the batteries. The company says Optimum’s “alkaline battery has a new cathode system that can deliver Extra Life in some devices, or Extra Power in other devices, vs Coppertop AA.” These batteries come in a resealable package, so in case you don’t need to use all eight at once (and let’s be real, you probably won’t), they’re still easy to store. 

Really, though, they’re AA batteries from a known brand with a reputation for quality, for a lot less than usual. Who doesn’t want that?

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