Goddard is building a team on the West Coast. Here’s why.


By Ajay Patel & Kate Parker

Goddard is an ISO 13485-certified, full-service product development firm specializing in mechanical engineering and industrial design. For the last 22 years, we’ve been busy on the East Coast building a staff of 40+ teammates. In 2019, we decided to open an office in California and began forming a team on the West Coast.

At Goddard, our mission is to deliver outstanding solutions that positively impact lives through inspired engineering and design. Our team provides leadership and support to any part of the product development process – from the initial conception of an idea all the way to production.

Goddard boasts a wide breadth of expertise thanks to the collective experiences of our staff. We are made up of engineers who specialize in the design of spinal tools and surgical instrumentation, gantry systems for lab automation, implantable heart devices, medical disposables – and so much more.

Our staff is not only comfortable with the technical aspects of product development, but they’re also skilled at navigating complex quality & regulatory obstacles and implementing human factors engineering practices.

We’re designers and engineers; we like to create. But we particularly love to design and build products that help people. This is why we have focused much of our development efforts on devices that diagnose diseases and save lives. We recognize that California is one of the foremost hubs for biotechnology in the world. There is an incredible volume of medical device and biotech companies working to get their ideas to the market in San Diego, Irvine and the Bay Area.

Our choice to open a San Diego branch is a direct result of listening to our clients, who were hoping to work with us on the West Coast. In other words, we decided to open this office so we could better serve our clients.

We know it’s important to be in the epicenters of life-changing technologies and brilliant innovation: Massachusetts and California. We are confident that we can make a positive impact in both of these regions and continue to grow as a company.

“At Goddard, our designers and engineers are our most valuable asset. With offices in both Massachusetts and California, we are able to work with and employ the kind of people who are changing the world with technology” said Goddard’s founder & CEO, Andrew Goddard.

“We are proud to be a diverse group that likes to give back to the community, crack open a beer on Friday afternoons and balance our work lives with our personal lives. We look forward to growing our community here in San Diego. Give us a shout if you’d like to learn more – we’d love to get to know you,” he added.

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