Grab a Loncaster dashboard phone holder for just $12.74 on Amazon


Let’s face it, we all use our phones for GPS and music playback these days. But, of course, holding our phones while driving is risky, which is why a solid phone holder is essential. Today, you can grab a Loncaster car phone holder on Amazon for an all-time low price of $12.74Remove non-product link.

This holder comes with an easy-peel adhesive bottom to stick to almost dashboard (just make sure you have a 5×5-inch smooth surface without excessive curvature). A silicone non-slip surface will help keep your phone in place, even while you’re on the move. And this stand can be used in more than just the car: You can stick it anywhere to prop your phone up as needed.

This phone holder averages 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon across more than 425 user reviews.

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