Green Mobility Bringing 400 EVs To Dublin In New Car-Sharing Scheme


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Published on February 5th, 2019 | by Kyle Field

February 5th, 2019 by Kyle Field 

Ireland is set to get some serious electric vehicle love if Green Mobility has its way. The Danish car sharing company is rolling out a fleet of 400 electric vehicles in Dublin in a car-sharing scheme that will make it even easier for the public to drive an electric vehicle.

Green Mobility has taken a different approach to its car-sharing scheme in that it allows for a flexible parking arrangement. Anders Wall, the company’s chief international officer, told the Irish Times that, “Within the operational zone – say within the city limits – the cars can be parked anywhere that is legal. You don’t have to return them to a station or designated location like you do with GoCar. Our service is literally door-to-door and not just A to B.”

To drive a Green Mobility vehicle, customers just find a vehicle on the smartphone app which remotely locks and unlocks the vehicles, doing away with the hassle of physical keys. Cars that need charging are automatically removed from the app when they drop below 10% state of charge and flagged for attention from the Green Mobility street team.

This roaming crew of automotive magicians ensure the cars are kept clean, charged, and maintained properly. In other words, they do all the stuff to the cars that you wish you didn’t have to do to your personal vehicle.

Green Mobility has used Renaults for its operations in Copenhagen and Oslo and is reportedly working on a deal with Renault Ireland to supply Zoes for the Dublin fleet.

The company is in discussion with several companies about the actual operation of the Dublin fleet. Finding the right company to run things where the rubber meets the road is a critical component of a successful car-sharing deployment that Green Mobility is still working on for Dublin.

Wall said to the Irish Times that, “In Oslo we work with NSB, the national state transport company operating trains and buses and now they operate Green Mobility car sharing as well.” Negotiations are still underway for the operation of the Dublin network and a direct link to the transit agency seems like the logical choice.

Developing end-to-end solutions for transit, car-sharing, ride-sharing and increasingly, micro mobility services continues to be an opportunity for cities around the world as innovators and disruptors create new options for city dwellers. Solutions like Green Mobility’s fully electric car-sharing network are helping to build bridges to the clean energy future that we’re all eager to live in. The future is now.

Source: Irish Times via Twitter 


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