Hang Your Headphones Under Your Desk With Elevation Lab's Anchor


Elevation Lab makes great, mostly Apple-focused tech accessories. Their most famous (and indispensable) is their Anchor under-desk headphone hook, which just got even better.

There are several great desktop headphone stands out there. Some even have RGB lighting and/or USB ports, but they all take up space, literally and visually. The Elevation Lab Anchor, now the Anchor Pro, attaches to the bottom of your desk using a non-destructive, removable 3M adhesive strip, and keeps your headphones in reach but out of sight.

The Anchor Pro packs in a lot of upgrades for such a simple product. The surface area of the adhesive is doubled, the arms are stronger and longer, there’s included Velcro for cable management, and the package comes with optional screws and a drill bit if you want maximum security and strength. There’s even a third smaller hook for additional cable management or for hanging whatever you want.

The Anchor Pro will handle everything from basic teleconferencing gear to heavy audiophile cans and gaming headsets, and whatever else you decide to throw at it. I’m planning to use one to hang a hair dryer under my bathroom counter.

elevationshelf Skimlinks

Continuing with the theme, Elevation recently launched their ElevationShelf, the perfect addition to a minimalist desk and complement to the Anchor. Perfect for storing everything from a charging pad (it has a hole for cable passthrough) to a game controller to your everyday carry, the ElevationShelf may quickly become your favorite part of your desk. Like the Anchor, it mounts instantly and securely with removable, non-destructive adhesive.

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