HIMSS20: What’s in it for EMEA changemakers?


The month of February is drawing to a close and this can only mean one thing: HIMSS20 is fast approaching. 

This year, the conference will bring together around 4,000 international attendees from over 90 countries.

Uniting leaders in health from the private and public sectors, it will give us a unique opportunity to focus on the ideas, trends, challenges and solutions we face in health and care at a regional level, and as a global community.

As we get ready for the big trip, here’s a snapshot of what we will be covering:

Healthcare at Home

The HIMSS D-A-CH Community is an interregional platform between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Discussions that will by fostered by their activities are sure to include Germany’s recent Digital Healthcare Act. With the world of digital health moving forward, what can we expect as doctors become able to prescribe mobile health applications for diagnostics and treatments, improving the speed, quality and accessibility of healthcare for German patients? 

If you’d like to learn more about Germany’s digital healthcare market, we invite you to register your interest to attend the dedicated session & lunch hosted by our HIMSS D-A-CH Community partner, Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI). 

Sustainability in Healthcare

The HIMSS Dutch Community will discuss the organisational, technical, financial and cultural challenges that appear as healthcare takes action to become more efficient, effective and affordable. Discussions will centre on the impact and best practices of data sharing, the effectiveness of cooperation, personalised patient care and shifts in the healthcare chain.

Symbiotic Data Relationships

Taking a look at how data-driven approaches can improve patient care, the HIMSS French Community will tackle the issues of interoperability, EHR integration and applied AI (leveraging the Internet of Medical Things and data integration). We know that real-time insights empower informed decision-making, but can AI-powered healthcare improve a caregivers’ ability to utilise clinical expertise to diagnose and predict?

The Power of Integration

With leaders from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and the Baltics, the HIMSS Nordic Community has made its mark on transforming healthcare through innovation and technology. The Nordic Interoperability Project emphasises the importance of making patient data available at the point of care, despite borders or boundaries, a key driver in helping to ensure consistent and appropriate care for population health.

To learn how to tap into the Nordic healthcare market and get a glimpse of the latest innovation from the five Nordic countries, be sure to add to your agenda the dedicated sessions by HIMSS Partner Innovation Exchange member NordicWest, and come meet The Nordic Changemakers, a session brought to all delegates by the Committee of the HIMSS Nordic Community. 

Building the Digital Workplace

The Middle East is one of the leaders in digitisation of public services, with large commitments to technological investments in the healthcare space. But technology is not enough. The analytical and strategic skills of the healthcare workforce on how to use information and technology efficiently and to complement their core competencies will need to be addressed in order to build the digital workplace in the region.

The HIMSS20 Middle East Summit will shed light on the gaps between evidence and practice and explore some of the ways that these can be closed by bringing everyone onboard the transformation journey. 

The Future of Healthcare

Leaders from Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific that are part of the HIMSS Future50 Community will also be attending HIMSS20, contributing with thought leader insights in programmes dedicated for professionals hailing from the government, patient, clinical, healthcare IT and innovation sectors. 

The Future50 luminaries work to overcome current and future systemic health challenges by addressing gaps and needs at the local and regional levels. They influence the potential of digital health to improve healthcare for all of us. 

Improving Gender Disparity

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, the European HIMSS Women in Health IT Community looks for progress in reducing gender disparity in healthcare IT. Women make up for around 70% of the global health workforce. However, acccording to the 2018 Global Health 50/50 Report, just 25% of the world’s top global health organisations have achieved gender parity at senior management level, while only 31% of these are headed by women.

To meet fellow Women in Healthcare IT leaders and address health equity challenges around the globe, take note of the Global Health Equity Session Series and join us in our journey to a more creative, innovative and diverse healthcare workforce. 

Celebrating the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife

Nurses and midwives are often the first and only point of care in their communities, and are a key stakeholder in defining the future of patient care and improved outcomes. In 2020, the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Communities around the world celebrate the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, as well as Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday.  

The Interprofessional TIGER Community has prepared a custom programme for all nurses and midwives attending the global health conference. See the rich catalog of opportunities and recommended sessions as you continue to build bridges between technology and patients and drive better healthcare outcomes for all.    

The power of collaboration

We look forward to sharing ideas and innovations this year at HIMSS20. Only by working together, with digital transformation in mind, can we improve people’s quality of life, the experiences of staff across health and care, and overhaul the global health ecosystem.

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