Locum’s Nest launches four new staff management products


Locum’s Nest has launched four new products to create the NHS’s first total workforce solution for temporary staffing within trusts and GP surgeries.

The staff bank management platform said the platform could help save the health service £1.5 billion over the next five years.

Building on it’s Match platform which matches temporary staff with NHS hospitals, the provider has launched:

  • Passport Plus, providing HR with clinicians full credentials
  • Intelligence, providing admin staff access to a trust’s staffing data in real time
  • Community, a communication platform for admin staff
  • Link, an integrated software platform to enable communication between management and the workforce

Developed rapidly during the Covid-19 pandemic they aim to improve access to temporary staff within the NHS.

The system ensures a completely streamlined process from predicting staffing needs in advance, improving staff engagement, to free on-demand payment to the clinician after the shift is completed.

Ahmed Shahrabani, co-founder of Locum’s Nest, said: “Connecting clinicians to vacant work via Locum’s Nest Match is the foundation for all our work, but we are now able to supplement it with four new innovative products; the way healthcare organisations will customise these bespoke features creates a truly unique offering.

“Passport Plus creates a central passport for all doctors and streamlines compliance requirements. Intelligence gives HR teams a whole new level of knowledge and visibility with real-time data and forecasting tools.

“Community enables effective communication between management and the clinical workforce. And Link seamlessly integrates all core systems such as rostering, payroll into one function and will continue to bring new features as we keep on bridging all technological gaps.”

To build the service, Locum’s Nest looked at the whole staffing process from beginning to end, to determine areas of focus.

It aimed to unify and build, for the first time in NHS history, a comprehensive workforce solution to fit every healthcare organisation’s needs.

This fully integrated approach covers five key areas and will allow administrative staff, HR professionals, financial directors, trust managers and clinicians to work together collaboratively as one entity in order to deliver the best possible patient care in the UK.

Co-founder Nick Andreou added: “Locum’s Nest has saved every single trust it’s implemented in millions of pounds, even more than we imagined when we began in 2016.

“NHS England spent £2.4bn on agency locums last year, and we now know we deliver, on average, a 67% improvement in fill-rate from agencies… that’s more than £1.5bn savings across the NHS.

“These new products, on top of the successes we already see from our original product, will ensure every trust is able to tackle staff shortages in a bespoke manner while saving more, every year.”

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