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Published on September 11th, 2018 |
by Jake Richardson

September 11th, 2018 by Jake Richardson 

Brett Morrison, a Tesla owner and enthusiast, recently published an article on his site about owning and driving Teslas. The piece he wrote is about love in a number of forms. Morrison generously answered some questions about his experiences for CleanTechnica.

You mentioned in your post that your story is one of love. What about owning and driving Teslas makes the love possible for you?

The linear torque really, from the first moment I drove a Model S, won me over. There’s nothing else like it. And how it comes down from rapid acceleration so effortlessly via engine braking* — without ever touching the brakes. That’s something else. The car is a beast when it needs to be and a calm comfort within seconds. The Zero Emissions is probably the #1 reason though — knowing I’m not polluting the air around me is a nice feeling. Other than the space I’m taking up— I’m not imposing myself on others by driving. [*regenerative braking]

Did you ever love a car before owning a Tesla?

I really liked my 1998 BMW 540i 6-speed because it was unique. That too was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

How much more have you enjoyed driving Teslas than you did any gas-powered car?

So much more for the aforementioned reason — knowing that I’m not pouring a smelly, flammable fluid and burning it with noxious fumes emitting from the back. AND I get the performance of a supercar — there’s no downside to owning a Tesla.

Why are Telsas more enjoyable to you?

The cars feel right. They do exactly what’s expected — no surprises.

Do you prefer the S or the X?

I love the falcon-wing doors of the X. I think for short, city trips I prefer the X, for long highway drives, I prefer the S because I like being a little lower, more connected to the road.

Is driving a Tesla more comfortable to you than a gas-powered vehicle in LA traffic, and if so, why?

In stop-and-go highway traffic, with autopilot on — it’s a joy. It’s a lot less fatiguing and I trust it to do the right thing after 2 years of using it. On road trips I’m on autopilot 80% of the trip. In tight city driving, it’s also a joy, because the car is so responsive to the accelerator, it feels incredibly nimble for such a long wheelbase vehicle.

Do you consider driving an electric car an act of love because there are no tailpipe emissions?

Yes. Love for our planet. I understand that electricity often comes from fossil fuels, and there’s an impact on the climate from that — but as grids move to renewables, that will become less and less. I’m having solar panels + battery storage installed at my house this month and so I’ll be able to power both Model S and Model X completely on my own renewable energy capture. If every car was electric, and you introduced a fuel-powered car — no one would want it.

Do you talk about why electric cars are an important part of sustainable transportation to your children?

I do — and they are completely on board with it. I’ve shown them how damaging humans have been to our planet — and we discussed the BP Oil Spill in Florida. They also understand oil as a cause of geopolitical conflict and war. We talk about everything.

Do you have strangers sometimes asking you questions about your Teslas, and how do you talk to them about the various issues?

All the time — and I try and be very patient with people. I’ve sold a few Teslas to my friends and colleagues after a short test drive. My passion for the cars comes through and I’ve learned a lot about what people want just by the way they ask questions. It’s pretty obvious to anyone with reasonable intelligence that there really is no downside to these vehicles over others in their class.

Image Credit: Brett Morrisson

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