Mingis on Tech: Bent iPads and a bad quarter – Apple, WTF?

Want to get bent out of shape real quick? Buy one of Apple’s new iPad Pros, find out that it’s slightly bent, complain about it and then be told – by Apple – that it’s still within manufacturing tolerances and won’t be replaced.

Yes, that sounds like something from The Onion, but it’s actually what’s happened to some iPad owners in recent weeks.

Cue the outrage from Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis (a long-time Apple user) and Macworld‘s Michael Simon – both of whom were stunned at how the issue has played out. (Simon calls it ‘gaslightling.’)

Then last week Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out a 1,400-word missive about the company’s latest quarterly revenues, which will fall short of earlier expectations. Cook noted that the economy in China is slowing, which has affected iPhone sales – leading to lower (but still incredibly healthy) revenue. Cook also pointed out that people tend to keep their phones longer than they used to, the dollar is strong, and Apple’s product releases in 2018 affected shipping dates.

He did not, alas, mention high iPhone prices. (Simon and Mingis weighed in on that little development as well.)

All in all, this episode of Mingis on Tech could be summed as the Apple WTF discussion.

Oh, and we’re still waiting for the AirPower.

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