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Published on December 16th, 2018 |
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December 16th, 2018 by Sponsored Content 

It’s easy to feel discouraged by the current pace of climate action, or rather, inaction.

In truth, new reports and scientific evidence paint a bleak picture of the state of global climate change. It doesn’t help that the leader of our nation refuses to believe in science and continues to proactively work against environmental protections.

This holiday season, you can contribute to true change makers, leading the way for meaningful action and with a commitment to ensuring a safe and livable future. With just one click, you can take action on helping solve the climate crisis, and there’s something in it for you, too.

One nonprofit is raising one million dollars to further its campaign to put a price on carbon pollution in states across the US, and it is offering a pretty great return for your contribution — the chance to win one of three brand new Tesla’s. US residents can enter here. Non-US resident, sorry, but the complexities of raffle law exclude you.

Climate XChange is a Boston-based nonprofit founded with a mission to help pass carbon pollution pricing in the US. Carbon pricing is a proven and effective policy tool to decentivize fossil fuel consumption, improve the health of our communities, and mitigate climate change. The strategy won the Nobel prize in economics this year, and is a fundamental recommendation from the UN on how to remain within livable levels of warming. Widely recognized by politicians, advocacy groups, and economists, putting a price on carbon emissions is the best way to move towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy and reduce our emissions, thus mitigating climate change.

The organization is raffling off three brand new Teslas, and tickets are capped at only $4,000. Plus, they will pay prize taxes in full. You read that right. Here is a way you can contribute to the environment, enter an awesome raffle, and not even have to worry about prize taxes if you win. Tickets are going fast, though, so be sure to get yours before they run out.

With the drawing taking place on New Year’s Day, raffle tickets also make great last-minute gifts for your loved ones (or yourself!) that is also environmentalist-approved.

This is the third time that CXC is hosting a raffle, but this year is the best one yet! Here are some more details about the raffle:

  • Incredible odds: three cars, and ticket sales limited to only 4,000 tickets
  • The drawing will be held on New Year’s Day 2019: not a bad way to start the year, right?!
  • Grand Prize winner can CHOOSE which Tesla model they’ll take home: a Model X, Model S, or Model 3. Second and third prize winners will receive a Model 3 (see all legal and winnings details here).
  • Winners of the raffle who do not wish to acquire a Tesla can instead opt for a cash prize.

*This post was supported by Climate XChange; images from the company.

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