Nintendo's fantastic Switch Pro Controller is $10 off and shipping fast


With Animal Crossing: New Horizons taking the world by storm and many of us suddenly having a lot more free time, it’s a good time to own a Nintendo Switch. And if you want to add a little multiplayer action to your gaming experience, today you can grab a Nintendo Switch Pro controller for $59 from Amazon, down from a list price of $70. You don’t find it on sale very often, and this is the lowest it’s ever been on Amazon.

This sweet controller works when your console’s both docked and undocked, making the Switch even more versatile. It also has some pretty solid features, such as motion control, HD rumble, wireless connectivity, and Amiibo functionality. And the Switch Pro controller feels great in your hands. Better yet, if you’re a Prime subscriber, you can get your new controller as early as next week even with Amazon’s shipping delays.

This controller averages a stellar 4.8 stats out of 5 across nearly 12,000 user ratings on Amazon, and members of our own staff love it. Today, you can snag it for less, at a time when you probably need it more than usual.

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