Radisson Blu Tesla Charging Scheme Highlights Growing Need For Hotel Chargers



Published on August 31st, 2018 |
by Kyle Field

August 31st, 2018 by Kyle Field 

The Radisson in Gothenburg, Sweden, has created a fun little promo video to lure in Tesla owners with the promise of easy valet-driven charging.

It’s a brilliant pairing of Radisson’s promise to recharge its guests while charging up their Teslas. Charging is free for hotel guests or for those just stopping in for dinner or drinks, making the deal that much sweeter.

“Radisson Blu and Tesla have teamed up to reduce the carbon footprint of our hotels and improve our contribution to a low carbon society. Our commitment to sustainable solutions means that whether you’re staying for a weekend, the night or just having dinner and drinks at one of our restaurants, be our guest and recharge your car for free, while you recharge yourself.”

The idea is very simple and while this hotel is not the first to offer charging, intentionally creating a program that acknowledges the importance of EV charging for owners is really nice to see. Most hotels that I have stayed at that offer charging have simply dropped a Level 2 charger onto the property, a charger that may or may not work. It’s a “roll the dice” situation that doesn’t really inspire confidence.

When we had our Model S, we made the mistake of signing up for a season pass to Legoland through some sort of special deal that my wife found (side note: it was only a mistake because it’s a 3½ hr drive away — the park is tons of fun). In our Lego adventures, we found hotel charging to be hit or miss. Thankfully, Legoland also had its own set of (free!) ChargePoint chargers, but they were also rather hit or miss, depending on how many EV guests were at the park, how early we arrived, etc.

The new Radisson Blu program highlights a growing market for hotels to add charging to their list of amenities. Overnight charging has the potential to make the stay that much nicer and easier. The potential to lure in higher-end Tesla customers also means a focused avenue to bring in their target clientele — for both the hotel and the restaurant experiences.

I fully expect to see more hotels shifting from the “level 2 charger in the corner of the parking lot that may or may not work, who cares?” model to embracing charging in the most helpful way, as Radisson Blu has done. Charging is increasingly being seen as a required amenity in areas of the world where EV adoption is ramping up. It’s a paradigm shift for sure. The early movers into the market, which become known for providing reliable EV charging, will benefit.

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