Save hundreds on Mondly's language learning software (from $40)


It should go without saying that learning new languages makes traveling to your favorite foreign destinations much more enjoyable, but far too many potential language-learners give up on their goals because even some of the most popular language-learning platforms rely on boring and monotonous memorization.

Mondly offers a far more efficient and enjoyable way to learn your dream languages, and a lifetime subscription is available for over 90% off at just $69.99.

This subscription grants you unlimited access to a trove of educational materials and the ability to pick five new languages to learn.

You’ll be able to work on your chosen languages throughout the day on any device, take advantage of state-of-the-art voice-recognition technology in order fine-tune your accent, and learn the nuances of pronunciation from conversations between native speakers.

Also available for just one or three languages, this subscription also comes with a dictionary and verb conjugator to enhance your education.

Learn the languages you’ve always wanted to learn the easy way with a lifetime subscription to Mondly for just $69.99—over 90% off for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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