Take advantage of these best-selling spring clearance deals today

After a seemingly endless string of cold winter months, spring is finally upon us—meaning it’s time to ditch the heavy coats and enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family. It also means, however, that it’s time to land some of the best and most popular deals on the web, nine of which we’ve listed right here for your convenience.

1. Blanket ID Tag + Membership

MSRP: $43 | Sale Price: $35 (18% off)

Every dog or cat owner should have one of these special ID tags, which allows you to quickly track and find your pet if they get lost. Each tag can send out email alters regarding the location of your furry friend, and it’s easy to store important digital information about your pet in order to aid rescuers.

2. HumBird Bone-Conducting Speaker

MSRP: $45 | Sale Price: $27 (39% off)

Engineered with cutting-edge bone conduction technology, this ultra-portable speaker delivers a unique and HD listening experience in any environment. You’ll be able to listen to your tracks at higher volumes than usual, and a three-hour battery life means that you’ll be able to take this intrepid speaker with you on any adventure.

3. HCG1 Pro Gaming Headset

MSRP: $190 | Sale Price: $104 (45% off)

Take your gaming to the next level with this pro gaming headset, which boasts superior sound quality, universal compatibility, and a detachable microphone that can be used to communicate with both your allies and enemies while you play.

4. ChargeHub V6: 2-Port Vehicle Charger + 4-Port Detachable Hub

MSRP: $45 | Sale Price: $40 (5% off)

Power up to six USB devices at once and on the go with this car charger that sports patented SmartSpeed technology. It features a handy clip that allows it to be attached to a variety of surfaces in your car, and the detachable hub saves precious space if you need fewer ports.

5. Challenger 48″ Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk

MSRP: $319 | Sale Price: $240 (24% off)

This multifunctional gaming desk will help you dramatically upgrade your gaming experience, thanks to a 48-inch surface, power console, cup holder, headphone hook, and more. You’ll even be able to organize your cables using a specialized holder and cover.

6. FrankOne™ Cold Brew & Coffee Maker

MSRP: $125 | Sale Price: $120 (4% off)

Wake up to the perfect cup of coffee every morning with this innovative coffee maker, which allows you to quickly brew both hot and cold coffee with the press of a button. The FrankOne accelerates the extraction time to deliver an intense glass of cold brew in just four minutes, and it can charge via USB from your computer or a traditional wall outlet.

7. Ratio Six Coffee Maker

MSRP: $369 | Sale Price: $345 (6% off)

This Kickstarter favorite lets you brew up to 1.25 liters of exquisite coffee every day. You’ll be able to precisely measure out everything from the water level to the grind level, and a removable power cord allows you to move it around the house with ease.

8. LutiKey Bluetooth Tracker Device

MSRP: $30 | Sale Price: $24 (20% off)

Keep track of your loved ones and ensure their safety at all times with this compact tracker, which lets you quickly track down whoever you’re looking for with the click of a button. The locations of your loved ones are saved for 30 days, and it’s easy to quickly notify people that you’re safe in the event of an emergency.

9. Intuition Pro: World’s First Patented Neuroscience Device

MSRP: $99 | Sale Price: $80 (19% off)

Learn how to make better decisions and live a more productive life with this patented neuroscience device that will fine-tune your intuition. By measuring the body’s subconscious reactions to events in real-time, this simple tool will help you gain a higher awareness of your subconscious along with the ways in which it can affect every level of your decision-making.

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