Tesla Disses Cats, Rolls Out Dog Mode In Over-The-Air Update



Published on February 14th, 2019 | by Kyle Field

February 14th, 2019 by Kyle Field 

Tesla has rolled out a new mode for pet owners that creates a safe environments for pets to stay in the car while the owner is away. The new mode includes an on-screen notification that the dog is okay. It also displays the current interior temperature, in case the passerby needs more evidence than a note.

The new mode, which owners will be able to activate from within the climate controls screen, sets the interior temperature to a safe level of your choosing, but the note for humans is that extra Tesla style shining through. The on-screen message may not prevent some inevitable freak-outs from surprised dog lovers walking by, but it is far better than no message at all.

Yes, before you ask, running the air condition while parked on a hot summer day is going to drink your battery like there’s no tomorrow*, so don’t plan on leaving your pet in the car for a full day while you head off to Disneyland, but it should make quick trips to the store easier with your favorite furry friend. (*Okay, the large battery of a Tesla will handle the extra AC needs fine, and you may not notice the range hit at all if you don’t look carefully for it, but again, this is for temporary dog-sitting — you shouldn’t leave your pet in the car for hours anyway.)

New features like Dog Mode and Sentry Mode highlight the flexibility and foresight that Tesla put into its vehicles. Not only did it build an amazing vehicle lineup that has loads of great features today — it built a platform that can roll in features that had not even been considered when the car was produced.

Dog Mode may be a small addition for most people, but it is sure to be a heart-melting feature that attracts many new customers to the brand and keeps those of us who are already owners in the family.

If history is any guide, Dog Mode is expected to be deployed to owner vehicles in the next firmware update over the coming few days or weeks. 


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