Tesla Model 3 = Most Loved Car In USA


Published on February 1st, 2019 | by Zachary Shahan

February 1st, 2019 by Zachary Shahan 

For many years, Consumer Reports has conducted surveys of car owners. A key metric it uncovers is how satisfied owners are with their cars.

The Tesla Model S rose in stature after its introduction for taking the top spot in this category — for becoming the most loved car according to these car owner surveys. It then won that award year after year for a few years.

Hot news off the press (and found on Twitter thanks to Earl of Frunkpuppy) is that the Tesla Model 3 is now the most loved car in the US according to these owner surveys.

The Model 3’s overall, rounded score is 92, which ties it with the Porsche 911, but the decimal points are presumably in favor of the Model 3 since Consumer Reports puts it at the top of the pile.

Naturally, there are potential issues with surveys like this. For example, if owners put a lot of money and emotion into a car, they may be more inclined to say they’re satisfied with it. On the flip side, though, some of them could also be more easily disappointed and upset with any issues that pop up.

In any case, you can’t really claim that the Model 3 taking the #1 spot is bad news, and you can’t really claim any longer that the Model 3 is plagued with problems if it turns out Model 3 owners are the people happiest with their cars. Well, I guess some anti-Tesla fanatics are quite capable of living in a fantasyland indefinitely and coming up with all kinds of twisted rationales for their biases. But come on — are those really people?

As this second tweet from Earl shows, the Model 3 is actually a full 5 points ahead of the next best car in its class, the Kia Stinger. (That said, I’m confused about how the Model 3 is in the Luxury Compact class instead of the Luxury Midsized Car class — not that it makes much difference for the result.)

Being the safest car on the market, being the quickest car available at its price, and having all the normal tech and fun benefits of a Tesla, it’s actually hard to imagine the Model 3 not coming in at the top of the charts. It is the full package at a much more affordable price than the Model S.

How can Tesla critics spin this one?

Who cares?

Note that aside from the Model 3 coming in at #1 and the Model S at #5, the Chevy Bolt came in at #8 overall, which means three electric cars landed in the top 10 — er, top 8. 


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