Tesla Opens Up Model 3 Ordering To European Reservation Holders


Published on December 15th, 2018 |
by Kyle Field

December 15th, 2018 by Kyle Field 

Tesla is opening up the proverbial floodgates for Model 3 orders by inviting early reservation holders in Europe to configure their Model 3s. Customers ranging from Austria to Portugal to Belgium to Luxembourg have now received invites to configure their Model 3s (via emails from Tesla).

Tesla has been dangling the Model 3 in front of European customers for weeks now. Customers have been eagerly anticipating their chance to order (via Tesla’s online design studio). Tesla even went so far as to host a special surprise test drive for a few select customers in Germany, if not elsewhere as well.

The Tesla website for reservation holders invited to configure their cars indicated that the first vehicles would be delivered in the February/March timeframe. Though, Tesla’s sales team shared that it could be up to 1 year from now for reservations/fresh orders placed today to be delivered. User comments indicated that they were informed by Tesla salespeople that the rear-wheel-drive configurations would be arriving in the summer of 2019.

The price of the vehicle in Luxembourg was shared by one user. The pricing on the options follows prices in North America, with a few being higher and a few being lower by a bit. Naturally, there’s always a bit of variation due to conversion from dollars to euros and due to tariffs.

  • Long range AWD: €56,900
  • Long range AWD Performance: €67,400
  • Paint options:
    • Gray and blue: €1,500
    • White: €2,100
    • Red: €2,600
  • 19″ rims: €1,500
  • White interior: €1,050
  • EAP: €5,100 (€7,200 if added after delivery)

Next door in Belgium, the pricing was €58,800. The base price currently, as above, is for a Long Range All Wheel Drive configuration that comes with the mandatory premium interior package. That represents a steep low end for the vehicle configuration.

Customers looking to get into the Model 3 at anywhere near its eventual base price of $35,000 are going to want to wait just a bit longer, with the Standard Range battery and base interior expected to arrive in the first half of next year in the US, if we’re lucky. Among other things, Elon told 60 Minutes that it could be another 6 months for the $35,000 Model 3 to come to market, which will absolutely open the floodgates for Model 3 demand. Dropping the base price of the vehicle by $11,000, from its current base price of $46,000, could have a gigantic impact on Model 3 demand.

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