Tesla Owners, Here’s How To Send A Photo To Space!


Published on October 7th, 2018 |
by Paul Fosse

October 7th, 2018 by Paul Fosse 

Like many of you, I reserved my Tesla Model 3 on March 31st, 2016 (online, as I wasn’t into Tesla enough to take off work to drive to the dealer). I received my Model 3 about 3 months ago and since then I’ve given about 50 test rides.

I knew that I wouldn’t get anything if I sold a Model 3, other than the satisfaction that I would help the company (disclosure: I do own a small amount of Tesla stock indirectly through a trust). I did it because I was happy to share the joy of my new car and help dispel some of the misperceptions out there.

The most common misperceptions are:

  • EVs cost a lot to charge. Wrong, they cost about a quarter the price of gas.
  • It will take me 2 years to get a Model 3. Wrong, they are available in 2 to 4 months officially, but there are reports of people getting them much faster.
  • EVs are slow. Nobody that has been in my car thinks that anymore!
  • EVs handle like a boat. I also resolve that misconception in all test rides.

So, how do you get to send a photo to space? First, find a friend that has some money or a job. Next, offer them a ride in your Tesla. Tell them you love the car (I assume you do, don’t lie) and want to show them how it rides.

Take them around the block (or more) and make sure you highlight the performance and handling. Every time you hit the accelerator, say, “This is no Camry.” Every time you go around a corner, say, “my Accord couldn’t do this.” You may need air sickness bags in your car. I have had several people get nauseous from the ride — although, I haven’t yet had anyone throw up.

I usually don’t play the radio, so that they get the full experience of the acceleration with no sound. Most people are shocked and have never experienced anything like this (other than the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Orlando or Paris Disney Studios).

Next, mention how you plan to save $1,000 a year on fuel. Try to slip in the fact that it recently received a 5 star safety rating from NHTSA and is in the running to be the safest car every tested.

Mention the recent release of Tesla’s safety statistics, showing that Teslas (with or without Autopilot) are less likely to get in a crash than other vehicles.

Spend a little time showing how the large screen works and be sure to mention that you get free updates and enhanced features frequently, so your car doesn’t get out of date if Tesla announces a new feature (which it does all the time). Compare it to your smartphone (except it gets more features added more frequently).

OK, are you ready for this closer?

They will be in a state of shock and a little dizzy from the ride, but now is the time to mention that it doesn’t cost any more to own this rocket than a loaded Camry!

They will be totally convinced that they want to buy this as their next car at this point, but will give you some excuses as to why they can’t buy now. That is when you mention that, if they order soon, they will get the full $7,500 tax credit (see your tax advisor to see if you qualify, but you might need about $75,000 a year in income if you file jointly to get the full amount) and $100 in free Supercharging if they use your referral code. If they wait, they may miss out on both the tax credit and the Supercharging credit.

So far, two people have ordered Model 3s based on the above steps. Unfortunately, they ordered AWD models about two months ago and, at that time, those were not eligible for a referral code for any benefit. I’m still glad I was able to help them make a decision (since demo cars were not available at that time in Tesla stores).

Let me know in the comments below if this works for you as well as it has for me! When you get your first referral, then you have to decide what picture you will send to space. I’m thinking of sending a picture of my wife. My picture would be too scary, I don’t want any aliens thinking we are a hostile species.

How to find your referral code?

Open the Tesla App and click on the “Loot Box” in the upper right hand corner.

The Loot Box opens and you can send the code to your friend’s phone or email by clicking on the share icon on the screen listed below.

As you can see, if you’d like to buy a Tesla and need a referral code, mine is https://ts.la/paul92237.

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