The Beam Magazine & The Solar Panel Art Series Are Competing For The UN SDG Action Awards



Published on February 4th, 2019 | by The Beam

February 4th, 2019 by The Beam 

To meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we need everyone to take action. Every year, the UN SDG Action Awards recognize individuals and organizations who are advancing the global movement for the SDGs in the most transformative, impactful, and innovative way. This year, both The Beam magazine and the Solar Panel Art Series are competing. Help us to share the word!


Check out The Beam magazine profile in the Campaigner category, which recognizes the most impactful or innovative communications campaign to raise public awareness about the SDGs and/or people’s role in SDG action.

“We started The Beam magazine three years ago to create some hype around sustainable development. We knew that there were already a number of publications made by and for experts, but nothing that was speaking to a broader audience. By taking a less niche approach, we help get the message across to those not in the industry.

We impact people by going beyond the current realm of sustainability information, by translating knowledge from experts, and bringing to light perspectives not usually heard by those on the ground. We capture all these voices in a balanced and comprehensive way as part of a critical movement, and present them in vibrant designs that speaks to a wider audience, because we believe everybody is part of the future of sustainability.” — Read more


SPAS is competing in the Creative Category, which recognizes the most impactful or innovative initiative that harnesses artistic expression to spur SDG Action and awareness through creativity, empowering and connecting people.

“The Solar Panel Art Series (SPAS) aligns science and art, creating a platform where renewable energy meets artistic creativity. We invite a selection of international artists to employ used solar panels as an artistic medium. The resulting bespoke artworks are exhibited in major cities around the world, to bring attention to climate change and global energy poverty, and subsequently sold online in a benefit auction on Paddle8, with proceeds going to the Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun Foundation “Solar Kids School Program”, a solar project that provides clear, safe and sustainable light and phone charging to school children and their teachers in Rwanda. These kids live beyond the energy grid and rely on dangerous, polluting and expensive kerosene or candles for their lighting.

The project would like to highlight the potential where art, technology and nature can co-exist. and provide an alternative and simpler language to communicate the predominantly complex narrative on sustainability and climate change. In doing so it hopes to make participation in collective action towards our global responsibility in achieving the SDG goals, an agenda more accessible to everyone’s participation, and not just the select few scientists and interested stakeholders.” — Read more.

By The Beam Editor-in-Chief Anne-Sophie Garrigou.

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