The droid deal you've been looking for: Sphero's $180 interactive R2-D2 is just $35


With theme parks, movies, and TV shows, this is a prime year to be a Star Wars geek. Of course, the most buzzworthy releases are still a ways out, but you don’t have to wait until a date far, far away to enjoy a little Star Wars magic. Today, you can get the Sphero R2-D2 droid for $36—its lowest price ever and an utterly massive drop from its $180 launch price. This is the droid deal you’ve been looking for.

That deal is available on both Amazon and Kohl’sRemove non-product link; it’s temporarily out of stock but available for order at Amazon, and should be order-ready from Kohl’s. Sphero has discontinued the R2-D2 droid so don’t miss out if you’re interested.

This droid connects to your smart device for easy control, while a built-in speaker and LED lights help bring R2-D2 to life. You can also use augmented reality training to teach this old droid some new tricks, and watch the movies with it to see its reactions. This droid isn’t just fun though—it can be educational, too, giving kids programming experience and STEM activites with the Sphero Edu App.

R2 averages 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon across nearly 600 user reviews, and most of those were written when the little guy cost a whole lot more. 

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