The first three seasons of 'Veronica Mars' are on sale for $20 on iTunes

Five years after the movie and 12 years after its original run, Veronica Mars is back, with a full new season now available on Hulu. But of course, with a gap that long even original Marshmallows probably need a little refresher, and if you never watched the original seasons, you’ll need to catch up before you jump into this latest batch of episodes. Today, you can grab the complete Veronica Mars original series on iTunes for $20Remove non-product link, a low price for 64 episodes across three seasons.

With this full episode lineup, you’ll be able to track the titular heroine through all her sleuthing, from solving the murder of her best friend to investigating the source of compromising videos. It’s a great show and popular for a reason: It delivers a slick mix of high school drama and classic noir themes, combined with a complicated and resourceful main character. It all makes for a cult classic that manages to be both fun and high-stakes.

Veronica Mars season 4 is now streaming on Hulu.

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