The Jeda Pad Adds Wireless Phone Charging For The Tesla Model 3 In A Slick Package


February 17th, 2019 by Kyle Field 

The folks over at Jeda sent us one of their brand new, hot off the presses Model 3 wireless phone charging pads for us to run through the paces. The new pad takes its first-generation charging pad and folds in feedback from owners for a new and improved charging pad that comes with a handful of new features to make the charging mat even more functional.

Disclaimer: Jeda provided us with a Model 3 Wireless Phone Charging Pad free of charge for the purposes of this review.

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Improved Design

The new Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charging Pad by Jeda is like the Cadillac Tesla of charging pads. For starters, the charging pad comes with not two, but three, Qi wireless charging points. This change was made in response to user feedback about the first-generation Jeda pad as new owners explored the fit between their cars and the new product. The first two charging coils provide 7.5 watts to 15 watts of charging capability for two phones charging in portrait mode.

Jeda upped the game by adding a third wireless charging coil that lets you charge with the phone in landscape mode at the bottom of the pad. That’s a nice addition for owners looking to use the phone for directions, Waze, or other active functions that are better suited to a landscape orientation. Is it something you’ll use a lot with a giant 15″ touchscreen that has just about everything you need on it already? Probably not for most people, but it is a nice addition that does add functionality to the pad.

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The design is also compatible with wired charging for devices that are not compatible with Qi wireless charging. The pad has holes at the bottom just for this purpose. Though, an additional spacer is required to get this set up correctly.

Thoughtful Design

The next thing that impressed me right out of the box is the build quality. The front of the charging mat is made of a smooth textured TPE rubber that strikes a nice balance between the right amount of grip on the phone and not feeling too sticky. The back of the charging pad is made of a similar material, but in a bright red that adds a pop of fun for the owner — but remains hidden when installed. It is a nice touch that makes the product a bit more fun.

Image credit: Kyle Field | CleanTechnica

The secure hold on the phone is further improved by a small shelf at the bottom of the charging mat that the phone rests on as it charges. New to version 2, a vertical bar running through the upper part of the center of the pad provides side-to-side stability for those looking to test the cornering capabilities of the Model 3.

I put the design to the test with some full power 0–60 mph acceleration tests. Okay, I do that on a regular basis because it’s just so much fun, but being able to justify it as part of product testing was a nice cherry on top. The pad held the phones securely in place through the torture test I subjected it to and I had some fun along the way.

Slim Packaging

The Jeda Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger comes packaged in a sleek box that’s all matte black on the outside, except for a single glossy black lightning bolt. It is a throwback to Apple’s minimalist design and also saves emissions when it comes to shipping. Cramming more chargers in per box means less money going to logistics and a better product coming out at the end.

Slimline packaging also means less waste to landfill, but given that it’s such a nice box, I’m planning to use it to store things around the house or maybe even to regift something in it. Reduce, reuse, then recycle, remember? If the box does end up in the landfill, the slim box minimizes the amount of waste generated.


To get up and running with the Jeda pad, you first have to install it in the car. Opening up the box reveals the charging pad itself and two micro USB cables. Remove the factory rubber mat that sits on the phone holder to reveal the hard plastic underneath and you’re ready to start.

Image credit: Kyle Field | CleanTechnica

Installation is as simple as plugging the two USB cables into the two USB ports at the front of the center console and plumbing them through the two existing holes in the built-in phone holder. Pull the two micro USB ends through the holes and plug them into the two micro USB ports on the rear of the charging pad. The team at Jeda pad added a few circles to the back of the pad that mesh perfectly with the hard plastic backing, making for a nice secure fit in the car. Wiggle the pad into place until it sits flush and it is ready to go.


The Jeda pad for the Model 3 will set you back $99. This feels like a great value for such a functional, well built product that adds an extra level of convenience to the car. Is it a mandatory purchase? Of course not, but neither is the Model 3. The car is a premium car and the Jeda pad fits nicely in with the aesthetic of the car and the tech-centric nature of a Tesla.

For my money, this would be the third accessory I would buy for the Model 3, with rim protectors being first (and mandatory). Second is some sort of cover for the glossy center console, followed by a wireless charging solution. The Jeda adds an extra level of convenience that makes the in-car experience not only better, but safer, as you won’t be looking to make sure your phone is plugged in after checking a text at a stoplight (and only at a stoplight). Just throw it on the pad and it’s charging.

For more information about the Jeda Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charging Pad, head to its website to learn more. 


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