In appreciation of Cummings leasing relationship with client firms of more than 20 years, Cummings has started a new program called Client Directed Giving Program. This program is modeled after their Employee Directed Giving program and Cummings Properties will continue to contribute $1,000 on Goddard’s behalf as long as Goddard remains in the Cummings building. Goddard got to choice a local charity and match Cummings Properties contribution of $1,000.                            

Goddard Technologies, Inc. chose an organization located at the Cummings Center, Express Yourself, Inc. This organization brings creative arts programs to the youth in residential and outpatient treatment facilities within the community and throughout MA. Goddard contributed $1,000 and Cummings Center matched their donation with $1,000. The check was presented to Paula Conrad, Founder and Co-Executive Director of Express Yourself.  Paula informed Goddard that C.F. Adams Charitable Trust, which focuses on children’s behavioral health in MA, will match any donation that Express Yourself receives. As a result of Goddard’s and Cummings’ combined donation of $2000, Express Yourself will also be receiving an additional $2,000 from C.F. Adams Charitable Trust. This year marks 25 years of performances celebrated by Express Yourself, EXY025!

It’s an amazing feeling to be part of a company who supports an organization that sincerely makes a difference in the life of Express Yourself youth.


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