The Solar Panel Art Series Returns With 12 More Creations Put Up For Auction

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Published on October 2nd, 2018 |
by Kyle Field

October 2nd, 2018 by Kyle Field 

The limited release Solar Panel Art Series is back with 12 new creations for its third round, and features a special release by Katrin Fridriks, in addition to numerous other acclaimed international artists.

The third series of the Solar Panel Art Series was launched in the middle of Berlin Art Week with a new installation that was assembled in collaboration with RAUME and HNTRLND. The installation saw a retired iron foundry outside of Berlin morphed into an immersive artistic experience.

The new RAUME and HNTRLND exhibition explores the topics of sustainability, future living, and society with art connecting people regardless of gender, race, orientation or social background. The exhibition also highlights the importance of renewable energy for our future. The combined exhibition brings more than 100 international artists into a single cohesive experience in a very unique location.

The Solar Panel Art Series is exhibiting 26 unique works of art and a special installation by featured artist Katrin Fridriks. 12 of the pieces on display are currently up for auction for buyers worldwide to bid on through the online benefit auction, in partnership with Paddle8.

As with the previous works put up for auction as part of the Solar Panel Art Series, proceeds from the sales will go to support Olafur Eliasson‘s Little Sun Foundation, helping to supply clean and reliable light to school children in Rwanda without energy access.

The auction closes on 3rd of October, 2018 at 5pm EST. The next exhibition of The Solar Panel Art Series is going to take place in New York on the 13th of November.

// Exhibition & Auction Details//
Location: K60, Kopenhagenerstr. 60 – Reinickendorf, 23.09.18-30.09.18. 11-17uhr

About The Solar Panel Art Series

The Solar Panel Art Series is an international initiative seeking to promote art as a tool for change. In doing so, The Solar Panel Art Series fosters a more sustainable and conscious global community. By providing used solar panels to artists to transform into artworks, the art series helps raise funds to support Little Sun Foundation’s “Solar Schools Program” to supply safe and sustainable light to school children and their teachers in Rwanda.

Through its sales, The Solar Panel Art Series has already raised funds to supply +250 children and their teachers with 5 years of clean and reliable light, impacting hundreds more in their communities. The initiative hopes to grow that impact to the thousands. So far more than 80 international artists have contributed to The Solar Panel Art Series. The project was initiated by The Beam, a global publication on Climate Action.

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