These eco-friendly produce bags save you money and help the environment


If you’ve found yourself stocking up on food recently as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, you’re not alone. As more and more people flock to grocery stores to buy their essentials, it’s becoming imperative to store your food for longer periods of time in order to ensure that you’ll still be able to put food on the table during the coming months.

So do yourself a favor and ditch those expensive and wasteful plastic food bags and grab these reusable, eco-friendly Lotus Produce Bags while a set of nine is available for over 40% off at just $16.99.

Featured in Good Morning America, BuzzFeed, The Boston Globe and HuffPost, these compact bags make it easy and safe to store a wide variety of food for extended periods of time—thanks to a completely reusable and washable design that doesn’t harm the environment.

You’ll be able to do your part to keep the planet healthy and safe while cutting down on your weekly expenses, thanks to bags that are completely BPA-free, durable, and large enough to hold all of your go-to fruits and veggies at once.

It’s even possible to transform these bags into a sieve that can be used to make homemade nut milk, and since they’re fully washable you won’t need to worry about buying new batches of bags any time soon.

Your order comes with three different sizes to match your various produce needs, and a double-stitched design delivers increased strength and support.

Do the environment and your bank account a favor by grabbing a set of nine Lotus Produce Bags for just $16.99—over 40% off their usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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