This 130 hour data science training bundle is only $49


No matter what industry you’re in, data will follow, so understanding how to gather insights from data will make you a valuable asset everywhere you go. However, companies gather far more data now than in the past, and this staggering amount of data will only increase, so there are new skills you should learn to stay ahead of the curve. This $49 bundle if the perfect place to learn how.

The 2019 Certified Data Scientist Architect Bundle features 6 courses on several popular tools used for big data. If you don’t have any data analytics experience, the first course you should take is Data Science with SAS Certification Training, which will teach you analytics techniques such as applying data manipulation and optimization, as well as advanced statistical concepts like clustering, linear regression, and decision trees.

Once you know how to handle data, you can learn how to use Python, R, Hadoop, and Tableau, each of which is employed in a variety of fields. Finally, this bundle includes a Machine Learning Certification Training Course, which delves into supervised and unsupervised learning, mathematical and heuristic aspects, and modeling to develop algorithms.

There are dozens of ways to interpret data, and even more ways data can be employed. The 2019 Certified Big Data Scientist Architect Bundle contains all of the knowledge needed to land a job in big data, and you can find it on sale for $49, or 98% off.


The 2019 Certified Data Scientist Architect Bundle – $49

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