This $40 cloud training can help you master AWS, Azure, and more top tools


When innovations are developed, it almost always pays to be among the first with expert knowledge. That’s certainly been the case with cloud technologies so far, where skilled professionals can earn $98k per year. If this is an area of expertise you would like to explore but aren’t yet ready to commit to a lengthy and expensive post-secondary program, we’d recommend first getting your feet wet with The Complete 2020 Cloud Certification Bundle.

This economically priced bundle, valued at $3,800, provides students with a great introduction to cloud technologies. They’ll learn about major players like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, discover the basics of building and deploying cloud-based infrastructures, and find out what makes the technology so advantageous as we move to a web-based world. And students will earn actual certificates upon completion too, so they could even use this training to find entry-level work.

What makes this particular program so enticing is the fact that students are able to direct their own studies. There are no actual classroom sessions to attend, so you won’t have to worry about fitting a tight learning schedule around work. And, you have a full year to complete all twelve courses. Plus there are no textbooks to purchase, making this training route even easier on the pocketbook.

It’s vitally important that information technology professionals keep their training on the cutting edge. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold and shell out big dollars on time-consuming post-secondary training. Instead, learn the 21st century way with The Complete 2020 Cloud Certification Training Bundle, currently offered to readers for just $39.99.


The Complete 2020 Cloud Certification Training Bundle – $39.99

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