This front and rear Chortau dash cam is a low of $38.20 today

We’ve all seen the insane videos, but dash cams aren’t just useful for capturing the next viral footage. They can also be handy for keeping track of what happens to your car, so if you get in an accident or your car otherwise sustains damage, you’ll have a record of what went down. And today, you can get a Chortau front and rear dash cam kit for a low of $38.20 on AmazonRemove non-product link, an all-time low price.

This dash cam features both front and rear coverage, with adjustable mounts to ensure you hit just the right angle. A three-inch LCD display screen will help you keep on top of what’s being recorded, and the waterproof back camera can function as a backup camera to help when reversing through tough spots. A built-in G-sensor will turn on the camera upon impact to record and save a short video. In addition, loop recording means that new footage will overwrite old footage, so you don’t constantly need to add new memory cards.

This dash cam averages 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon across more than 700 user reviews. We haven’t yet reviewed it, but if you’re interested in other models, check out PCWorld’s dash cam review roundup.

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