This super-cool 'Levers, Linkages & Structures' STEM kit has dropped to $24.88

Summer vacation is long, as any parent can attest. At a certain point, kids start running out of productive things to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the beach towel and park the kids in front of the TV. Instead, you can invest in some education (and some sanity) by picking up some brain-boosting toys. And today you can grab an Engino Discovering STEM kit from AmazonRemove non-product link for $24.88, the lowest price we’ve seen for this kit.

This kit, intended for children 8 and older, focuses on “levers, linkages and structures” to teach kids engineering concepts through hands-on building. Kids can build 16 working models or create something new with the help of the free Engino 3D app or the included manual. Projects include a seesaw, a movable weight scale, a wheelbarrow, a parking gate, a toy with moving figures, a pantograph and two types of linkages and eight structure models. It all seems well-received on Amazon with 4.3 stars out of 5 across 70 user reviews.

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