Venerable Cisco Catalyst 6000 switches ousted by new Catalyst 9600

Few events in the tech industry are truly transformative, but Cisco’s replacement of its core Catalyst 6000 family could be one of those actions for customers and the company.

Introduced in 1999, iterations of the Catalyst 6000 have nestled into the core of scores of enterprise networks, with the model 6500 becoming the company’s largest selling box ever.

It goes without question that migrating these customers alone to the new switch – the Catalyst 9600  which the company introduced today – will be of monumental importance to Cisco as it looks to revamp and continue to dominate large campus-core deployments. The first Catalyst 9000, introduced in June 2017, is already the fastest ramping product line in Cisco’s history.

“There are at least tens of thousands of Cat 6000s running in campus cores all over the world,” said Sachin Gupta, senior vice president for product management at Cisco.  ”It is the Swiss Army knife of switches in term of features, and we have taken great care and over two years developing feature parity and an easy migration path for those users to the Cat 9000.”

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