What's Possible?


Mohammad ‘Mo’ Sayed has been asking “What’s possible?” since he was five years old. Days after losing his mother to cancer, he survived a bombing in his Afghanistan home, which left him paralyzed. Ultimately separated from his family, he immigrated to the US at the age of 12 and went on to build two businesses.

Today Mo is 21 years old. He is Founder at RimPower, a company offering assistive products for wheelchair users. For us, Mo is a reminder to think more broadly, imagine greater possibilities, and, above all, to persevere.

Mo’s answer to his longstanding question, “What’s possible?” –

“With determination and community, anything.”

We invite you to join the community participating and bringing together better products for wheelchair users everywhere.

Check out Mo’s Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, open through March 27, and contribute what you can. 


(Link from RimPower.org to their Indiegogo page)


*Goddard is a proud supporter of Mohammad Sayed and RimPower, offering design and engineering services.


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