Why work at GODDARD?

The design of the Company is intentional and proves its effectiveness repeatedly.  We believe in our employees, we believe in educating them, mentoring them, paying them what they are worth, promoting them, and this sets a solid course for them to grow with the Company.  The Company understands our only true assets are our employees.  Let’s be honest- we are a service provider.  We don’t sell a widget, we sell solutions.  The understanding that every employee is an individual and is to be carefully paired with a client is paramount to the continued success and happiness of every employee and client.  Knowing how to do this dance is ½ the effort, the other ½ is maintaining the culture.  The company strongly believes “everyone has a voice, and everyone should learn to use it”.  A level playing field is paramount.  We don’t put too much weight in titles, we hold regular company meetings, off-site beer Tuesdays, summer Fridays and a true open door policy with everyone. These are the values our leaders consistently strive for.  Maintaining a comfortable, energetic, fun, no-judgment workplace will promote good, healthy employees.

When I started this company I had a belief that good, solid engineering and design work coupled with strong communication and problem-solving skills would be a cascading, and expanding force.  If I did a good job, made the client successful, the reward would be more work.  That belief is still true today.  Our pairing of Employees skill set, personality, experience with our clients is a skill we take pride in.  Most of our projects are from repeat clients, that keep coming back with additional projects.  This continued repeat work, coupled with our employee retention history proves to us that we are onto something big here.

As Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s right-hand man says: 

“Three rules for a career:

1) Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself.

2) Don’t work for anyone you don’t respect and admire.

3) Work only with people you enjoy.”

Hire for passion first, experience second, and credentials third.

From the desk of Andrew Goddard, Owner and CEO

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